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Benefits of Snapchat in Local Business

How Using Snapchat Can Benefit Your Local Business

Snapchat has been assumed by many to just be used by kids looking to send each other silly pictures, but through its evolution, it has become much more than that.  New features have led many big businesses to jump on board and put it to use to help reach people in the 18-35 demographic and have found it to be very successful.  Given that this app has over 100 million daily users, it may just be the next step that your business needs to take to reach potential customers.

Clearly, because of the demographic of the average users of this app, its usefulness is limited to those that would like to do business with this age group.  For example, if your business is geared towards working professionals or you provide services for other businesses, this likely is not a tool that will serve you well.

When it comes to Snapchat it should be used like any other Social Media or email in that you do not want to overload people with content.  Just like you would not email a potential client many times in one day, you do not want to be sending snaps day in and out.  It is essential that you pick and choose wisely the things that you decide to share with your followers.  If you are not going to be the only one using the platform you want to be sure that your employees that are able to utilize this tool are well aware of when it is acceptable to send a snap and when it is not.

The first step to using this app is to sign up from a mobile device or an app.  Once you have an account you should share that you have done so on your other Social Media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  This lets users know that you are active as well.  Next is to use the app to share your products or services and offer something to keep potential clients interested.  This can be done by offering coupons, rewards, sharing new products or services or even creating a contest.  The most you can do to get others involved the better the results will be.

Watch this short training to learn more about Snapchat.


As you likely know, those that utilize social media regularly have somewhat short attention spans.  Whatever you do on there must be easy to grasp and pull in their attention.  If you do not succeed in this, they will move right along, completely forgetting the message that you were trying to convey.

Snapchat, unlike what some may assume, is actually a great tool to share your business with the online community.  If you provide something that appeals to people 18-35 it could quickly become your most successful Social Media stories channel.  The key is to use the tips above so that you get the most exposure possible.  If you use the tool well you will wonder why you had not thought to use it much sooner.  The possibilities are endless, just put this awesome tool to work for you.




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